Richard Breunig founded Priority Int’l Animal Concepts (Priority IAC), Inc. in 1998. To date, Priority IAC, Inc. is the only company bringing the fields of microbiology and nutrition together for animal health; as well as, providing a more cost effective and easier approach to nutrition.  Priority IAC is a family-owned, dairy farm based company bringing this technology directly to producers, rather than a corporate top down model.  the P-One Program™ is truly a grassroots movement to empower the producer. Breunig’s hands on practical experience in production agriculture, along with microbiology and nutritional expertise make Priority IAC unique.

Priority IAC maintains a research and product development mentality that starts on the dairy. Priority IAC provides education on how each branded strain of Smart bacteria works, how the highest home grown forages can be used, and how producers can monitor their cow performance to know what adjustments to make. the P-One Program™ is a new concept. It’s different; it’s less costly, more effective and efficient, and a much healthier way to feed cows. Priority IAC technology makes it the 1st ingredient™.

Breunig has spoken about Priority IAC’s work bringing the fields of microbiology and nutrition together; presenting his work throughout the United States plus Australia, Mexico, and the Middle East. the P-One Program™ has been televised on “Eye On America” with Greg Gumbel. A self-taught entrepreneur, Breunig’s broad experience gives him the expertise to work with small, specialty herds and large herds alike.

Before starting Priority IAC, Breunig managed Clover Mist Farms, a dairy focused on health, production, and genetics. He bred more than 100 Excellent scored cows and was recognized as one of the best type herds in the nation. In 1995, Clover Mist was the first dairy to receive the Wisconsin Governor’s Export Achievement Award. He and his wife, Cindy, Priority IAC partner and Vice President; live near Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

Our Story

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During the 1980’s and 1990’s, I was managing one of the nation’s best-known dairies. Several of our production records exceeded 40,000 pounds of milk, along with nine records over 2,000-pounds of fat. These are impressive, even by today’s standards.

Good times came to a screeching and devastating halt when a manufacturer’s error in mixing minerals into the feed resulted in numerous animal losses. This led to the development to Priority IAC, the Smart bacteria and Nutrition Company.

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